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Your roof is the first protection your home has from the elements, so maintaining its integrity is vital towards preserving the structure and value of your home. At Glendale Stay Dry Roofing, we offer an entire range of roofing services that will meet the needs of your home and exceed your expectations in terms of quality, service and our low, competitive price. A third generation roofer, Javier Garcia is the owner of Stay Dry Roofing and he has served the Riverside, California community over the years with professionalism, top quality service and care. Javier understands that meeting the needs of Inland Empire residents and businesses means providing the best in roofing services. Glendale Stay Dry Roofing Services We provide the best when it comes to all roofing services as our years of experience will demonstrate. What follows are the main services that Glendale Stay Dry Roofing offers for residential and commercial needs. Residential Roofs and Commercial Roofing: Whether home, office or facility, if your roof needs replacement, Glendale Stay Dry Roofing is here to do the job properly.

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All types of roofs are evaluated to ensure that the right materials are used in their replacement to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Not only is the work accomplished in a timely manner, it is also guaranteed so that if any issues should arise, Glendale Stay Dry Roofing will be there to address these concerns. Our reputation is built on providing the best in customer service, but we also understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer we serve. That is why we guarantee our work to ensure that your home or building has a solid, dependable roof that resists the elements. Roofing Inspections: Is your roof still in good condition? Roof inspections can help identify potential issues that may compromise the integrity of the structure. All it takes is one leak to allow water inside that will compromise the integrity of the materials holding up your roof and allow mold to form and build up inside. Once mold gets inside the home, it can be very difficult to remove. Mold not only damages the structure of your home, building or facility, it also negatively affects the health of those inside.

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Our roof inspection service will spot any issues or potential trouble with your roof so that recommendations can be made to address the problem. The earlier roofing issues can be addressed, the less expensive it will be to correct any problems. Roof Maintenance and Roof Repairs: Not all roofs have to be replaced. In fact, many roofing issues can be addressed with our maintenance and repair service. In this manner, the portion of the roof that is compromised can be repaired quickly to extend the life of your roof overall. Plus, proper maintenance can help prevent your roof from being compromised in the first place.

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For commercial structures, an annual maintenance check can upgrade certain sections of the roof which provides more protection. Plus, anything that might compromise the roof will be removed to help extend its life. For residential homes, proper maintenance and repair, particularly during the time before bad weather is expected can provide the necessary support to maintain the integrity of your roof. Other Roofing Services: In addition to the major roofing services that are delivered, Glendale Stay Dry Roofing also provides a number of other high quality services as well.


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