Our Glendale commercial and residential roofing professionals are available for 24 hours 7 days a week for emergency roofing support. Our staff members remain consistently on call to help prevent major repairs from crippling your home or business from the expense of damage. In the event of tragic storm damage in Glendale, massive water damage in Los Angeles or a leak to your roof, we can come out with a fully loaded service truck to provide immediate repair on critical roofing systems and other aspects of your home. Without these solutions you could potentially be setting up your home for critical repairs in the future. Assessing the damage and performing immediate repairs in the event of an emergency is absolutely crucial to preventing future expenses.

Contact us at any time if your roof has been damaged or you require assistance with a leak immediately. Preventing water damage as well as major structural damage to your home or business will help to save you large amounts of money.  Our 24 seven emergency roofing service is also of vital asset to businesses in Los Angeles.. Our staff members will remain minimally disruptive while fixing up leaks and providing repairs to you. This ensures that you can maintain business operations without having to worry about going around a large crowd of roofers or contractors. Our staff always remains respectful on-site and safe. Each of our skilled emergency on call workers receives health and safety training to ensure that they can remain safe on the job site. Having access to this health and safety training ensures that none of our employees take risks and that we can be ready to work in almost any type of emergency situation.  As well as health and safety training all of our 24 seven emergency repair services are backed by our licensed and bonded guarantee as a business as well as a warranty on our services. We can arrange more complex repairs in the future if they are needed, but the main goal of our 24/7 emergency support is to provide immediate coverage for your home or business to keep you safe.


Glendale Stay Dry Roofing, California
License #911019 (C39, C61, D49, D41)

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